Friday, 25 January 2013


I noticed in addition to just become awake in the middle of night when something I'm interested to see is posted on g+, my children have been serving as the medium for this wake up service as well.  My son GG has started sleeping by himself no for too long.  Some days he'd sleep through the night, some days he'd come in our room in the middle of night.  There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason why he'd wake up some day and not the other.  I noticed that he actually served the purpose of waking me up at night.

The last couple of night he slept through the night, and indeed, there was nothing online that needed my attention.  But I wondered, could it all be just random/coincidental?  Then last night I noticed he came to our room without waking me up; and there was nothing posted that I needed to see.  To me it was the confirmation that my suspicion is right, that his waking up, especially done in such a way to wake me up, is to be of service to me.

But who initiated the request for this service?  Was is myself or the person who wanted my attention?  I think it works like this in two ways: if it's something I'm interested to know, when my higher self notice that, they will use the available medium to wake me up/notify me.  If it's something someone else wanted my attention, and if my higher self agrees, I will be notified as well.  Either way my higher self is involved, since free will is observed.