Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Remembering 9/11

For the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I planned to make a video, a video to memorialize the event.  I wanted to make this video ever since the first 9/11 anniversary, but I lacked the tools to do it.  But for the 10th, I was ready: I secure the software, I even wrote a storyboard earlier in the year:

I was set to make the video by 9/11, put it out on YouTube.  I thought it may even go viral, for I felt there must be many people who felt like me and find it resonant.  The video would be my defiant statement to those who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocity and got away with it.

And then, bin Laden was killed mid year.  I was over joyed, I felt like celebrating with those people in New York.  Yes, I believed that he and al-Qaeda were responsible for 9/11. I remember hearing people questioning why he was not brought back and tried, and thinking: he himself admitted to master mind the attack, what's the point of wasting money and time on a trial?  good riddens to him.  I felt justice had been served and was not so motivated to make the video anymore.  I didn't.

What a difference a year makes! After my awakening I realized those who perpetrated 9/11 were still at large. I saw the 2nd plane struck the tower on TV as it happened. To me, NYC is the symbol of resilience for the country, all the time while the towers were burning I believed all would be under control in time and orders restored.  I couldn't believe my eyes when the towers fell. It turned out I was right after all.  The towers wouldn't have fallen by the plane strike alone...I was fooled. On the personal level, I felt that bin Laden was killed earlier '11 just to prevent me from making that video, a video that probably would rally some strong desires in people.

Will I still make that video one day? It seems that as I learn more about truth in life, I would be less attracted to the dualism, combativeness, and anger expressed in the video. On the other hand, I may just make it one day when inspiration strikes.

But I do have a secret wish: I wish one day that I will see the twin towers back again, in the same place, in their full glory, as they were and always will be -- maybe just for one day.  If what I was told were true, that thoughts could build a pyramid out of thin air and move mountains, it'd be a cinch to get the twin towers back.  Yeah, that's the 9/11 memorial I'd truly want to see one day.  :-)