Sunday, 29 November 2020

The Third Eye -- Science and the Law of One

My path to the Law of One maybe a bit unique. It didn't start with some spiritual pursuit, but with my search for deeper understandings in science. My path has its advantages: "as above, so below", this principle of correspondence allowed me to see more clearly of some of Ra's teachings that others find a bit confusing. This is my attempt to illustrate some of those confusing concepts. 

Dimensions verses Densities

Many are confused about these two terms that Ra uses. Are they the same thing or different? Here's my understanding. 

Ra mostly use "dimension" when referring to qualities associated with locality, such as a place or region in physical manifestation. This is similar to how the term "dimension" is used in physics. I believe Ra used this term as they knew that Don was a physics professor thus would grasp its meaning. "Density", on the other hand, was used to refer to the quality or level of consciousness. Density describes the quality of a state that's not limited to space/time. Interestingly, "density" is also a term in physics that measures the amount of content within a certain volume. In terms of mind/body/spirit complexes, dimension is a feature associated with of the space that the body occupies, density measures the overall state of the m/b/s complex. 

However, there is a correspondence between dimensions and densities. Currently we have 3rd density consciousness and we perceive space to be of 3 dimensions. We think space is 3D because we naturally have 3 degrees of freedom in movement: we can move left/right, front/back, and up/down. However, most of what we perceive in 3D are contained in 4 dimensional space. Namely, the electromagnetic and chemical interactions take place in 4D space. Four dimensional space is not currently recognized by mainstream science but it will be. Furthermore, I also deduced that space that's x dimensional can contain bodies of up to (x-1)th density beings. For example, earth exists in a 4 dimensional space thus can host beings of the first, second, and third density. I suspect that when we reach the 4th density, we can naturally access 4 dimensions of space while learning to recognize the 5D space that hosts the 4th density bodies. 

Because of the correspondence between dimension and density, these two terms seems to be used interchangeably. But knowing how Ra talked, that they spoke words in a very precise manner, they used this two terms very carefully as well. 

For example, in 6.8Ra was asked about the location of the Council of Nine. Because the question was about a place, the term "dimension" was used in the answer, not "density". So when Ra said "the Council was located in the eight dimension", not the eight[h] dimension as the transcript corrected, they meant the council was located in a region of eight dimensional space, which implied that beings from all densities 1-7 could sit on the council. It doesn't mean that only beings of the 8th density sit on the council.  

Another example, Ra called the 4th density as being "in the dimension of love or understanding" (16.32). In this case it seems dimension and density could be used interchangeably. However, I think Ra used "dimension" because it referred to a region that contains both 4th density positive and negative entities, as Ra later explained (20.36).

Perceiving Dimensions

Part of my scientific endeavor caused me to look into why we believe the space around us is 3 dimensional (3D). Yes, we have three degrees of freedom in movement, but how do we perceive 3D? When we look at something, we see a flat image, how do we tell the 3D depth of the objects in this image? We know this, of course, it is because we have stereo vision. Each of our eyes receives a slightly different 2D image. Through the evolution process, our brains learned to correspond the two images from our eyes with our other senses and eventually were able to process the two 2D images into one 3D stereo vision. 3D movie theaters uses this knowledge to create stereo images from a flat screen, and we know if someone lost the sight in one eye, they will have difficulty determining 3D depth, for they have lost their stereo vision. 

Knowing that third density humans can recognize 3 dimensional space with 2 eyes, I wondered if second density animals can only recognize 2 dimensions. Knowing that stereo vision requires two images that are slightly different, we can deduce that two imagines with nothing in common will not produce stereo vision. Consider animals such as fish and birds, their eyes are located on the opposite side of the body, thus produces none-overlapping images. It is easy to conclude that these second density beings do not recognize 3d space, even though they live in it. However, animal such as mammals have front facing eyes like us, they possess the necessary information to produce stereo vision. This make sense too, for Ra indicated that as second density evolving to the point of ready to graduate to the third density, they will start to develop third density characteristics. Thus 2nd density animals further along the evolution path, such as mammals, have the opportunity to develop stereo vision.

By the same token, we are third density beings ready to move on to the fourth density, thus we start to acquire some fourth density abilities as well. Science will soon recognize that space is 4 dimensional. But will we be able to perceive 4D space? Well, if we need two eyes to produce 3D stereo vision, then to produce 4D vision, we need... a third eye! Now I understand why the indigo ray chakra is called the third eye! Could it be because it gives us the ability to perceive 4D space? I believe so. I think the visions acquired through the third eye give us the experience of 4D space. Since it's not something we normally experience on earth, we often describe it as trippy, weird, and out of this world. 

Well, that's my very geeky understanding of the third eye. I believe it is not just descriptive term about the far seeing ability. It is closely connected with the concepts of dimensions, densities, and their correlation in our evolution. As many of us are aware that many words in our language are packed with deeper meanings and correspondences, now I believe "the third eye" is also one of them.