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Transcript of Part 2 of the Interview with Ac Tah by Juicy Living Tour

The video can be found here. It's titled "Mayan & ETs, Light Beings, 3rd eye"
(Only the English translation is transcribed here. Anything highlighted is by me. I'd like to see a Spanish transcription as well, for I know he said more in Spanish for many answers, though it may not be more in content.)

Q: I really want to take it a little further if I can, cause it's really profound. ...
I just want to remind everybody who hasn't see the first part of the video, Ac Tah is of Mayan descent...Thank you for supporting the tour, and for this co-creation
I want to ask you Ac Tah about extraterrestrial beings, is there such thing for Mayans? What's your relationship with other life on other planet for Mayans?
A: Well, first we have to understand what we mean by extraterrestrial because that can change our perception of these beings. So there's field of energy, electromagnetic, everything is related to frequency. Our vibration is very short, we have another frequency which is very dense. In this universe there are different kinds of beings who has other thoughts, and other frequency of thoughts. And so that way we can have relationship with civilizations that are more advanced. So when I was young with my grandfather, he would teach us how to have connections with these beings. So it's not so much as seeing the beings, but perceiving them. And I was taught by my grandfather how to do this. So when I grew up, I was aware that it was normal to do this, because when I was younger, I did it all the time. It was normal for me.  This is what created by my culture, with different contact with different beings we can create changes in different civilizations.  My grandfather just used to say we can react with only what's in our heart.  It's more of a contact of interchanging information, not like the invasion of another galaxy, or like these things.  This has always been part of my culture.

Q: Is there different groups of those beings, is there different teachings, is there different knowledge they are teaching, different technologies, different roles they play?
A: Well, our body is very powerful, but also limited in our perception.  The universe is not like how we perceive it in this planet. Because our perception is very short, we try to humanize everything we see.  When we think of a being of light, we think in terms of a human surrounded by light. The body can have many many forms.

Q: Can you tell us more?
A: I will tell you an experience I lived when I was younger. We were in the wild with my grandfather, and my grandfather called a being of light. I grew up with it, and it was normal for me, and I saw this shining light that was coming, it was shining like a small star there. The interaction we have with this being of light is the level of vibrations. My grandfather told me "I want you to observe the light and thinking different shapes". When I was seeing the light and and I thought different shape, the light would take that shape. I was materializing that energy. When we see something, we create/give a shape to it.  Those spheres/orbs that you see when we take pictures, we watch them we want to find a shape inside them.  The essence of these beings is free, it can take the shape of anything you want. Instead of giving it a shape, we let the brightness penetrate our body, and this would give us another understanding. These lights have a very ancient wisdom and knowledge. Because of the magnetic field of the earth is opening, many of these energies have penetrated the earth.  If we realize we have been seeing a lot of channelizing on the planet, like I said when we channelizing, then we give it like a human, a human understanding to it. we give it a human form.

Q: So you are saying we can integrate to be, we can be like these light beings? we can act like them, be them and act like them, speak their knowledge, you know?
A: hmmmm.... (pause) I want to give you an example. Imagine parts of the cells of your body are sick, and mine are perfect. I'm only touching with my hand these sick cells, just a interchange of energy. You don't need to speak the language of the light, because they can speak your language. When you let this light coming into your body, your brain has the perception of interpreting it.

Q: But it's all through vibrations, right? then it's through our own interpretations?
A: Yes, but it's very important that this information is interpreted by the heart.  But if your heart is divided by good and evil, then the interpretations is going to be wrong. I grew up with only thought of good, excellent, better, much better, magnificent. There is no thoughts of fear and guilt in my culture. So the people who have contact with these energies, it is very important for them to be happy, they have joyful thought and joy in their lives. The feelings of guilt and fear, that's very very human.  First we have to be in contact with ourselves, then we can be in contact with these energies.  Any person can achieve this, it doesn't mean there are special people. Any people can do this.

Q: Do you also teach about the third eye? I see you have an eye here, is it all related? what is that eye?
A: For us everything is math, and energy, and everything has to do with thought.

Q: And you said that's exactly what this medallion is about?
A: So this is connected to the left, right side of the brain and the third eye, this created a higher amplitude of connection. This can allow you to see beyond the 3D perception, you can see a higher level of consciousness. It allows you to see the things that are wrong, so you can do the right things. If you have this connection, you have to live in harmony, there is no other way of living. So I'm teaching certain movements that allow you to be connect with this type of energy. So some people say it's the eye that watches everything, but this is more of the connection of the brain with the 3rd eye that allows you to be everything. Because the sun and the energy that is arriving to us, we are acquiring a lot of power, it is easy to do this.

Q: For you. For you it's easier. For us human being it may be a little bit harder. We would like tips on how to do that.
A: The only thing you have to do is to generate a lot of energy in your body. So the way to do it is to be very joyful, to be happy, to be present. that's it.

Q: Is there an intention, is there a process, because a lot of teachers try to explain it, make it much more complicated... can we access this much easier these days? is there something else to give us other than raising the energy?
A: The hardest thing about my culture is that it's very very simple. For us everything is practical, if I can do it, you can do it; if you can do it, I can do it. That's why we have the saying: to be part of everything, you have to be very simple. The humans try to find complication in everything, but the essence of life is very very simple. Humans have created a lot of disciplines, but in my culture, we have created the thing of being creative, of being free. So you can see in every different periods of times of our ancestors different manifestations of this creativity, because it's free, so everybody can do it. So in essence, the simplest way.

Our physical body is the result of our spiritual body. Many people think that everything starts in the physical body. The simplest way to generate this power is to talk with your spirit. Ask something to your spirit, and let your spirit give it to you. He is much more powerful than what you can reason with logic. So there are some people do it once and they don't wait for the result, then they say it doesn't work.  First you need a large amount of energy to be in contact with your spiritual body.  So if you are mad or sad or have another level of energy, you physical body and your spirit are much separated. So what connects with your spiritual body is joy. So this joy gives a lost of strength to your spiritual body, so when you ask something of your spiritual body, then the spiritual body gives it to you.

Q: all the way to astral projections, going into time and space?
A: Yes, we are not aware of this knowledge, but everybody does it when they go to sleep. It's our natural state.

Q: The Aztec speak a lot of lucid dreaming.  What is the Mayan's teaching on lucid dreaming?
A: Hmmm.... When we go to sleep, we connect ourselves to our present moment. So the physical body that we are living right now at this moment belongs to the past. The cells that compose of our spiritual body move to another frequency very fast. Our spiritual body lives one or two or three days in advance to us. So what our spirit thought is what we are living now. Our lucid dreams are when we are aware of that other reality. That's when we activate all our power, so we can program the things we want to happen so when we wake up, then they happen. The amazing thing is also we can do it when we are awake. We only have to be in contact with our spiritual body.
There's probably two moments in the day we can be in contact with our spiritual body, so when this body of every high speed can coincide with our physical body. So maybe it going to sound a little bit funny what moment it is . One of this moment is when you finish eating every abundantly, when your body began to feel a little bit asleep. In that moment you can ask your spiritual body what do you want, then you can see it manifested. Another moment is when you are falling sleep at night. This is another moment when you are laying down and you feel that you are falling. This is a very short short moment. And in these 3 cases, you have like 30 seconds to ask your spiritual body what you want. It's not complicated or require any discipline, you only have to do it.

Q: But how do you snap in consciously in that moment? they are kind strange moment...
A: If you do it everyday, you get used to it. When you do the first two examples, after eating and when you go to sleep, you are pretty aware at those moments.

Q: What do you say is our soul here to accomplish?
A: Hmmm... the soul/spirit wants a lots of energy, to generate these energy you have to be very very happy. To be very happy you have to do something that is very fulfilling and joyful to you. Most people don't do what they like, they need to work for a ranch, pay the bills, water, electric, different things. They don't do what they want. So these times are very important, because we can do what we want, we can generate these change, so then our spirit grows.

Q: Do you think our soul came here right now at this time to let go of past all the past lives and past Karma, and there is a very important reason our souls choose to be here at this moment? do you think we are here for a reason? that we are kinda being elected to be here for a reason.
A: Yes, it is true lots of souls have been coming down at this moment to be liberated, and how it can be liberated. It's very easy to be liberated from the Karma of the past lives when we see the unity in our body in unity. We are god and one part of god at the same time. If we are god and part of god at the same time, liberating ourselves is very simple. You only have to do two things: one is to think that your spirit is already free, the 2nd one is being joyful.

A: Do you think ... how is psychedelics in Mayan culture. A lots of people talk about taking achieve unity. Is it something important to the Mayan culture to know what unity is?

[Better get your answer in part 3: :)]