Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Thoughts on the Marathon Bombing -- An Update

"He sees opposition as a signpost deflecting him in the right direction"  -- I Ching

After a night of sleep, I decide to rewrite the post with above title.  Ah, nothing a good night of sleep cannot heal, it brings clarity.  Now let me reconsider everything again following thoughts I believe to be more in line with the Law of One.  

In my previous post, I noticed a common theme (i.e. running) of the Boston marathon bombing with my recently blog on my 10K race; and recall a similar sequence of events where a day after I commented on the random shooting at a Portland mall, the Sandy Hook shooting happened.  

I wondered out loud whether these events were aimed at me as a way of intimidation.  Now I realized my thinking is too distorted towards the me-versus-the-devil mentality.  I should think more in terms of synchronicity.  

What is synchronicity?  I think it is an acknowledgment that we are in synch and thus is an integral part of the universe.  So when I notice any current events correlating events in my life, it merely indicate that my awareness has risen to a level that resonate more and more with the reality in which we exist.  

So, those events were not directed at me, but the synchronicities also indicate that I am integral part of it, as with many others.  My awareness/attention has risen to the point that I can notice the connections.  

With that understanding, I think events that's catalysts to all should be viewed this way.  A catalytic event is bound to happened as the result of the state of our social complex on earth today.  But how the catalytic event should manifest itself, e.g. when, where, who, etc., are influenced by each one of us.  We all can leave an imprint on the event, some more, some less, some may be observable to oneself or others.  So the tragedy happened at a running event, not as a direct response to my taking up running and writing about it, but an acknowledgement of my increased synchronicity with the vibrations of reality. It can be viewed as an ACK of my part in co-creating the reality.  

So instead of drawing any evil intent from an incident, it is best to simply be grateful for the opportunity to be part of it, and learn to let my orientation and desire play a bigger part in future manifestations.  Even though the events are not what I would have desired, recognizing my part in it is a first step in taking active role in co-creating our reality.

Now, let me re-examine the synchronicities I named in the previous post:

1. The two major shootings in '12 are all named after the places I've been in '11.  I stayed in a hotel probably about 10min from the Aurora site in the summer of '11; and visited the beach of other well known Sandy Hook in NJ. 

An acknowledgement of my risen awareness/vibration.

2. The shooting in OR happened in the city where my fellow study partner of law-of-one lived.
An acknowledgement of my (and maybe my friend's) risen awareness/vibration.

3. Sandy Hook shooting happened the day after I (not even publicly!) commented on the OR shooting to a couple of friends.

A stronger acknowledgement of my risen awareness/vibration.

4. The Boston marathon bomb happened 1 week after I commented on my 10K race in this blog as a way to show how to apply what is learned -- from the law of one and other high vibe sources -- with regard to fear, as I was getting pumped up preparing for my first marathon event, a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks.
A stronger acknowledgement of my risen awareness/vibration.

5. This video showed that the first bomb went off just before the finish line at the side of the road  that was lined up with flags of different nations.  The bomb went off right between a lamp post and a tree, and as the camera panned close to the bomb location, at 0:33, you can see clearly the Singapore flag (top half red, bottom half white with crescent moon and stars at upper left corner) right next to where the bomb went off.  

"If it's that much about you, then you're co-creating it."  -- I think this is what I should take away from this synchronicity.  Sure, it may also serve other intimidating purpose for someone else (see my original rant at the bottom of this post -- sorry, don't kwow how to put a link here with blogger), but I almost ignored the most positive learning aspect of this experience for me.  I always had difficult fully grasp the meaning of "see the self and the other self as creator".  I've used it as way to reshape my thinking: if I can see myself as creator, then... then I know I am as powerful as the any other, I need not fear... etc. etc.  But why can't I consider what I observed here an evidence of my role in the co-creation?  I don't see any reason why not other than that we just can't -- not willing to -- see it.  But why?  One reason is of course that if I claim to be a person of positive polarity, how could I co-create something so negative?  Well, I'd like to think that my part in co-creating it has made it less negative than it could be.
Thanks :-)  I will use this opportunity to see myself and other selves as co-creators.  Just like through mindful meditation, I'm learning to do with my mind than just to think, I'm taking a step to see who I am instead of just to think about it.  :)

6.  At 0:50 in the above video you can see the official race clock being 4hr 9min something at the time of the first bombing.  It is within 1min of the best marathon finish time of other runners in the family. 

same as above.  

7.  The m-w word of the day (that I receive daily) for April 15th is Heinous, arrived at the beginning of the day before the bombing.  A word used by Obama later to describe the bombing.  
I see this as more positive oriented effort to ACK all who are aware enough to know that there is no such thing as coincidence.

8.  Last but not least -- this was not in the previous post since it arrived after I wrote it -- the third victim is a female Chinese graduate student -- how I would be identified as not so many years ago.  

I don't see myself as the sole target of this ACK, it is for millions of Chinese out there.  It brings the catalyst closer to them all.  

My old rant on synchronicity #5

I feel in this case, my raised awareness lead me to notice this connection, but it's not the main purpose of this "coincidence".   It is likely a negatively oriented effort as a show of strength to those entities who are in the known but are enslaved under the negative polarization.   There are many flags in the vicinity, one which I recognize is the one of South Africa, which had a famous runner in the news not long ago.  Just like in other negative dominate events that draw national/international attentions, these negative events try to re-enforce the idea that the darkness is in power, in control of events.  It is especially important for them to target those working directly under the negative entity with full awareness, yet unable to free themselves due to fear.   The negative entities never miss a chance to reinforce the sense of terror:   Why?  so they can terrorize those are forced to work for them into further submission.  

"Conspiracy theorists" (CTs) love to point out how the negative entities are in control of these events and the resulted negative outcome.  But there is an important point they often miss -- that all events serve a mixture of positive and negative purposes in nature, the ultimate purpose these events serve is determined by us.  CTs often unintentionally propagate the terror that the negative entities intent to generate.  They spread (sometimes through negative entities masquerade as CTs) the image that negative entities being totally in control and we are helpless in changing it.  But what we should truly realize is that other than using fear and terror, the negative entities are powerless.  They are no more powerful than we are, fear and terror are just about all in their bag of tricks.  At this time nexus, they have a slight advantage because of the years (in thousands) of deceit and manipulation of the mind they've done to the population.  But even they know, their empire is but a house of cards, when people start to abandon fear and take control over their free wills, there's nothing they can do to stop it.  

They are scared, so they are using fear and terror over and over to prolong their control.   CTs should realize that recognizing their role in those events should not be a recognition of their power, but a recognition of the their powerlessness.  The recognition itself is a proof of their weakness, a first step in tearing down their control of our reality.  

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Manifestation -- the printer

In the morning, after sending my parents off, knowing that they took the color printer back with them, I thought it would be nice if we just have a color printer ourselves.  "We should get one, not necessarily a new one, a used one will suffice.  I wish I will see someone selling an used one soon."

Then in the afternoon, got an email sent to a group asking if anyone wants a color printer that they no longer needed for free.  I was the first one to respond and got it. :-)  Hmmm, now I just need to pay attention and learn the means to get my wish to manifest on demand.  :-)

(is it what "hack the program" means? ;-)

Note: I noticed that happened when I'm next to the bottom in my 18-day cycle, so it is probably not a result of any great effort in my part, but just a higher form of synchronicity.  A pat on the back, a nod of approval.  Thank you guys.  Namaste.  :-)


April 14, Sunday
waking up early morning of 14th and knew I had a dream.  Not sure what the dream was about, just remembered that there is a conclusion of earth quake happening next week in CA.  A quake on the 6 and up in Richter scale.

premonition, some fear-based stuff, or just nonsense.  we will see...

April 22, Monday
Luckily I wrote down above right after I woke up, because afterwards I could hardly recall it.  When I wrote it down, "next week" meant after one week of time to me, so it'd be this week starting today.  However, the past week was quite eventful as well, let's write it down.
(all times are local)
April 15.  Boston Marathon bombing.  3 deaths, 100s injuried.
April 16. 7.8 earthquake in Iran (FWH claims they HAARPed it)
April 17. 6.8 earthquake in Papua New Guinea.
April 17. West, TX fertilizer plant explosion (registered 2.1 on the Richter scale) near Waco, scores dead.  (A fertilizer plant exploded like a nuclear bomb, of course FWH claims it's not what it seems ;-)
April 18. 7.0 earthquake in Japan
April 18.  One Boston bombing suspect killed.
April 19.  The other bombing suspect captured, in hospital in custody.
April 20. 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan, China.  100+ deaths.
April 21.  5.9 earthquake in western Mexico.

Now let's see what will happen this coming week...

April 29, Monday

Nothing so earth shaking happened last week ;-|.  I guess my dream was referring to the week following the dream and the location I remembered must not be accurate: maybe the whole earth was CA to me... :-p

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Insight (or is it hypothesis?) on Meditation

From last week's meditation session, something clicked.

I'm struggling with just exactly what is the meditative state that we are supposed to reach with meditation.  No one seem to have a precise answer.  The instructor said there's no failure, as long as you tried, it's all good.

But one thing caught my attention.  While we were meditating, there were especially loud noises coming from the gym next door.  Afterwards when we talked about it, many mentioned how distracting that noise was.  But I didn't find the noise distracting at all.  I can hear the noise, just chose not to pay attention to it.  The instructor seemed to think that was good, not being distracted.  But being oblivious to my surroundings seemed to come easy to me.  I've been referred as the "space cadet" and probably the "absent-minded professor" type.  Isn't being mindful supposed to bring your attention to your surroundings?  I guess there is a difference between aware of something while not letting it bother you and not aware something is happening at all.  But there seems to be a fine line between these two...

Since during our meditation sessions, we tried focus on different things, usually starting with the breadth.  I asked the instructor can we just focus on a single thought?  I have thought that maybe when I was in deep thought of one thing, I was achieving the same state as during meditation when my attention is focused only on one thing.  He said no, the goal is not to have thoughts.  Then it suddenly became clear to me.  This must be (maybe ;) it:

Our mind is capable of doing many things.  Or maybe just two: thinking is one, perceiving is another, aka paying attention.  Reasoning, daydreaming, etc. probably can be grouped into one or the other.

I was always confused about how to empty one's mind in order to meditate, for it seemed impossible for me not to have my mind be doing something.  But now it becomes clear: clearing/emptying one's mind means to free one's mind from thoughts, it doesn't mean that your mind has to go into some suspended state, that your mind is stopped from working.  The modern life style has inundated our minds with thoughts, and thinking has become the dominate thing that our minds do.   Meditation is about stopping/slowing this overused function of thinking, while strengthen other functions of the mind.

It seems the simplest/easiest way to stop the thoughts is to use/strengthen the function of perceiving.  It wasn't obvious to me before, but now I can see that perceiving must be different from thinking.  You need the awareness of the mind to pay attention, you/one could perceive/pay attention without generating thoughts to accompany this activity.  Our sensory organs receive/generate inputs, we use our minds to perceive them.

The mind is also capable of doing more than one thing at a time, meditating is to let the one function, paying attention, to be the one thing performed by the mind, or to overwhelm/dominate all the other functions/senses of the mind.

But why, what's the benefit of doing that?  I think
1.  It gives the mind a chance to rest.  The mind was filled with the chatters of thoughts like in a busy urban street, meditation/excise of focused attention puts the mind in the peaceful country side.
I think that's why people find meditation has the effect of releasing stress and removing negative emotions such as depression, anger, frustration, etc. from the daily lives.

However, perhaps more importantly,
2. after meditation put our minds in that quite spot of serenity, the mind is freed to perceive more.  More of what?  More of what we don't usually realize that we can perceive, more from the place where inspiration and intuition come from.  And this is what I hope to achieve with meditation.

In the book "Yoga - yoga, tantra and mediation in daily life" by Swami Janakananda, this is called "going deeper", going deeper inside oneself, into one's mind.  I believe this is the same as the meaning of reaching a higher vibration in other context, getting "high".

Normally, there is a very narrow opening or narrow band through which we can get in touch with higher vibrations, such as opening a gate way to the spiritual energy field or intelligent infinity (to use Ra's term).  I believe meditation helps widens this opening/bandwidth.  According to Swami Janakananda, this meditative state of mind is a quite state between being awake and falling asleep.  The key is to hold your mind there without falling asleep.

I believe this meditative state that connects us to higher frequencies is also what being "in the present" is about.    I was never sure what being in the present/living in the now means.  But apparently thrill seeking is in fact a form of living in the present.  Thus I conclude that putting the mind in such as state where perceiving dominates thinking is trying to reach the same state as meditation.
It is also said that when we see something grandiose for the first time -- such as seeing the grand canyon for the first time -- that overwhelming sense of wonder we experience is also living in the present.  It seems to be this state that some people can achieve though meditation as well.

Meditation seem to be training our mind to tune to the access frequency of the intelligent infinity.  Either it can focus the mind or create/widen the opening.  Ra said drugs can create an opening to the spiritual energy field, but in a uncontrolled way which can negatively affect a person (6.1).  Apparently marijuana can help some people reach the higher frequencies in a more controlled manner.

Here's my hypothesis of how meditation works using the analogy of radio tuning.  Usually our mind is either tuned to the noisy FM95 with thoughts blaring left and right, or the sleepy FM92 when we sleep.  The mind is like a wave itself, operating within a frequency range.  When it is at the noisy thoughtful range of 95, it actually modulates the frequency 94-96.  When it operates at the sleepy frequency of 92, it actually modulates the frequency 91-93.  Therefore we may refer these state of mind as broadband.

But there are intricate and faint broadcast that our mind can receive/perceive at the narrow band of 93-94, which we usually pass quickly when turning our dials from one state to another.  Meditation is like moving slowly of the dial in the area between 93-94, or narrowing our operating frequency to that range.  

When operating at that range, we generally experience silence, which can be soothing and healing to our mind.  But there are also narrow frequencies, something precise like 93.75, where we can reach/perceive/assess the spiritual energy/intelligent infinity, if we were able to tune our mind to stay close to that frequency.  

To me, if this understanding is correct, it will help me focus my intent when I meditate.   Right now my mind seems to have trouble holding steady in the full attention state, slipping to and from thoughtful to sleepy state without being able to pause in the middle.

There are probably more complexity to the mind, for example, our mind seems to have at least two components that can operate simultaneously: that we can perceive/observe our thoughts while we are thinking.   I'm probably only skimming the surface.  I will write more when I gain some better insights. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

The 10K race

I had the timing planned.

The race starts at 7:00am, and we were asked to be at the race venue by 6:20am.  I would leave around 5:30am, drive to MRT, take the train to reach City Hall in 20-30min.  Walking from City Hall to the race venue takes about 8min; could wait up to 30min to get my bag checked in.  Then a 800m walk to the starting point.  Should be timed just right.

Woke up at 5:15ish, but by 5:30am, not quite ready to leave yet.  Mental note to self: no need to worry, there is no reason for this day not to be perfect, many factors later will compensate any appearance tardiness at the moment.

A smooth drive to the MRT station as planned.  Got there 5:55am.  But the doors were closed.  I assumed the train runs 24hrs, guess I was wrong.  Looked at the time table: the first train on Sunday starts at 6:15am and won't reach the station till 6:37am, so can't wait here for the train.  Mental note to self: how interesting, let's what the Universe has planned for me ;-)

Got back into the car, decide to drive to as close to the race venue as possible, then walk over.  Not sure how to get there, since I haven't planned on driving at all.  Just put in GPS a location I thought was close and drove.  GPS took me through the winding streets in the city.  Finally the destination seemed to be in sight: I could see the Big Wheel.  Then a road closure (due to the race) forced me to take an exit that lead me to the speed way heading out of the city.  [mental note to self: an opportunity for worries and doubts -- let's not to use it ;-]  After looping around 1/2 the city, I was back on the same road I was on.  This time I decided to put the casino that's nearby the race venue as the destination -- I bet they won't close any road to the casino ;).  Half following the GPS, half my intuition, I ended up right next to the race venue.

Taking a turn instead of following the GPS to the casino, and hoping there is a parking place nearby, I found the parking garage right next to the race.  Well, it's so close there is no need to store the baggage, just left it in the car.

Saw a fellow runner walking out of the garage: "Are we late?" "No." she said.  Took the 800m walk to the starting point, still had about 10min before the race actually started.  Perfect! :-)

I think it's right before the race was about to start, I realized that in the hurry to get to the starting point, I probably forgot to lock the car.  Then I thought: an unlocked car does not automatically imply it will be robbed.  Is there any reason for some type of catalytic event to happen via the opportunity of an unlocked car?  I don't see any, so there is no need to worry -- if I indeed left it unlocked, nothing would come out of it.

Steady pace throughout the race, uneventful.  At 2km, I checked my watch.  I was running at 1km/7min pace.  If I can keep it up, I'd finish around 1:10, better than my last race time (and the personal best) of 1:16.  I wanted a better finish, and I saw no reason I shouldn't.  I decided not to check my watch again.

The alarm on my watch went off.  I knew it's set for 8:00am, which meant that I've been running for close to an hour, and that the finish must be close. :)  Shortly afterwards I saw the 8km mark.  When I saw the finish line (arch) -- there's about 50m left -- I broke out in a sprint.  Clicked my watch as I past the finish line.  The time?  1:11:01

The perfect finish to an perfect race -- why should I have expected anything different?

When I got back to the car, it was indeed unlocked -- and nothing happened because of it just as I expected.  :-)

Phase I: Abandon Fear

Noticed recently I'm being presented with bigger challenges -- events that provides opportunity to test out what I've learned from the law of one.  I guess enough of just the nicities such as synchronizations (still getting them everyday :-), time to take action that can make a difference.  I guess I must be ready for it.  :-)

So far I notices two major themes (if you can call it that) that I've been tested on.
1.  Whether I can live in the presence, believe and not give in to fear
2. Whether I can deal with problem with the new mind set of integrity, with love, forgiveness, and trust, instead of fear, suspicion, and combativeness.

I think I still needs lot of work on the 2nd one.