Thursday, 9 October 2014 Interview with David Hoffmeister

The Buddha at the Gas Pump interview of David Hoffmeister.

0:20 - 3:50: Introduction to David Hoffmeister

3:38 - 16:20: "What is the Course in Miracles?"

16:20 - 40:44: "What does ACIM teach?"
  • 22:22: Confusion of levels
  • 32:40: the mechanics of miracles
  • 39:48: Telling of the Raising of the Dead story
44:30 - 56:50: What are Miracles?

56:10 - 1:08:40: What percentage of people are transformed by the teaching in their experience?
  • 1:01:10: To what degree do you feel you have achieved self realization?
1:08:40 - 1:12:10: What is it like when you receive guidance from Jesus?

1:12:10 - 1:36:26: What is the daily routine like for a ACIM student?
  • 1:21:20 -1:27:30: Is individual striving counter indicated by ACIM?
  • 1:27:30 - 1:36:26:  Commenting on the effect a ACIM teacher can have, and on information packed in movies
Questions from a viewer who recommended David for interview:
  1. 1:36:26 - : people pleasing
  2. 1:41:05 - : what is creation?
  3. 1:52:30 - : Beyond consciousness?
  4. 1:55:30 - : does God enjoy his creation?
  5. 2:09:00 - : after enlightenment, then what?
2:15:00 - ; Lucid dream, the acid test.

2:18:30 - : Last question: if creation is a mistake, shouldn't we just kill ourselves?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"That" which we seek

Enlightenment, awakening, oneness... what is all that? It seems to be something difficult to describe in words, unexplainable but to be experienced. Is it possible to describe the experience? From what I read, it seems to be different for everyone, it's something indescribable, but when it happens, you just know it. 

The interview with Harri Aalto - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview is really interesting to me. I came to view Harri Aalto is a someone with a dual activated body, using Ra's lingo, someone that simultaneously possesses the third and forth density bodies in this incarnation. At the age of four, he came to what he called "self realization".

In the interview, he talked about an experience (watch the link from 7:10 for about 2 min) that got me thinking. It is an experience that made him realize that the thing that all spiritual seekers seem to search for is with him all the time, but only by experiencing not having it, he realized its persistent presence with him/us.  

I do not have any experience like he did, yet I understand him. He also used the example of the space in a room, how it's acknowledged via the 
surrounding walls . It reminds me of something I noticed recently. Next to where we live, a couple of high-rise apartments were build. The building themselves were not so impressive, as they have the environmental friendly design of bare concrete. But connecting the buildings and the low-rise office nearby, they built a long and straight corridor with 3-story high ceilings. It really lightens up the place and looked magnificent/grand.  

I wondered about the feeling this corridor could induce when you first see it. Just a few steps away, there is a grassy ground the size of football field where you can see straight out the same distance as you can in the corridor, and you can look up the sky as far as you can see, much further than the corridor's ceiling, then why walking into that open field does not induce the same sense of awe as walking into a man-made corridor?

I think this can be viewed in the same light as Harri's example. This "thing", this unboundedness -- it is with us all the time, but we don't noticed it. Some of our experience of limitations, such as the walls that made up a room and the construction of a corridor enclosing a space, make us become aware of "it", then we call that experience enlightenment, awakening, self realization, or whatever...

This unboundedness is called by many names: silence, God, nothingness, divine, enlightenment, oneness, infinity, the now... It is the waterThere are these two young fish swimming along, and happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says: "Morning boys, how's the water?" The two young fish swim on for a bit, and eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes: "What the hell is water?" in This is Water; it is the present in Present; it is what induced the feeling when we see the grand canyon for the first time; it is what Jill was able to experience when she suffered a stroke

It is ever present, but it is not always felt. Many people seek to experience it, but we seem 
especially seek to experience it through some grand, awe-inducing ways.  Or maybe only when it is grandiose and awe-inducing, then we noticed it? People try meditations, psychedelic drugs, maybe even sky diving... I seem to be content just knowing it's there, and being consistently aware that it's there through ordinary experiences.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Drama Queen

This discussion caught me eye because it's written by a game developer/programmer (well, someone who wrote one game).

What I find interesting is how easy this guy's "awakening" came about. Gees, maybe we are (I'm) just a bunch of drama queens. Let's figure out how to quit all these drama...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Seven Steps to Manifestation -- A Case Study

Learn to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

It's been more than 6 months since an incident of manifested desire happened to me. But it's still on my mind for I want to know how and why it happened, what did I do right? Then just the other day I came across Bashar's video on 7 steps to manifestation, which can be found here (video and transcript). Finally, I may have found the answer I'm looking for. I will recount the incident first, then analyse it via Bashar's 7 steps.

Here's what happened. Since I became aware of how fear is widely used for control in our society, I paid attention to such manipulations of fear. For example, I began to see the introduction of TSA and the more intrusive airport screening after 9/11 as an application of fear to exert control. 9/11 is used by those who want control for many purposes. The fear it introduced is used to justify the existence of TSA and the ridiculous searches we have to go through (and if one understands the true nature of 9/11, then it's more clear that the fear it introduced is truly groundless). But I fully bought into that fear before I became more aware. What outraged me even more is the intrusive full body scanner they introduced -- Initially I thought they would only randomly pick people to scan this way, but now it seems to be a standard procedure for everyone. How could anyone tolerate such an intrusion? Well, with fear we do.

So I've decided that to signify my objection and recognition of this fear, I would decline this scan and opt for the manual pad down if I could not just go through a regular metal detector at the airport. And that's just what I did. Luckily I travel mostly with my kids, so usually they will let me through the metal detector as the kids do. But when I traveled by myself, my opted for the pad down. I don't mind being padded down -- the female officers were courteous and I felt like I was going through some massage therapy. It's just tedious having to ask for it, and sometimes have to wait a bit for an officer to be available, especially at larger airports. I didn't feel embarrassed or nervous, for I felt I was doing something for a higher purpose, I was standing up for something.

Then one weekend after a half marathon race in the west coast, I was to catch a red-eye flight back east. I was quite exhausted and I did't feel like going through the trouble of asking for a pad down, knowing that there would be long lines at the large airport. So I thought to myself: I don't want to ask for a pad down and I don't want go through the scanner, and from what I learned, this is my wish, my desire, and I should be able to make it manifest. I know it's possible, for I noticed that sometimes the TSA would stop the scanner and let people go through the metal detector for a while for no obvious reasons. Now, supposedly I can make it happen to me by just desiring it -- somehow when it's time for me to go through security, they will use the metal detector in stead of the scanner -- and it can happen without me doing anything particular other than desiring it. So I thought I'd give it a try and see what happens. It'd be a good learning opportunity.

That's just what I did. I made up my mind that I would not ask for a pad down, but I also would not intend/expect/want to go through the scanner. At the airport, the line was long, and I waited without making any request. Just as I hoped, before I reached the scanner, for no apparent reason, they stopped the scanner that was fed by two lines, and let passengers go through metal detectors instead. I was pleased, "yeah! it worked!" As the person before me went through the metal detector, I was still piling things on the conveyor belt. I had quite few stuff with me, I had to take off my shoes, my jacket, laptops, ipads, and phone/changes. As I stepped up to the metal detector, the TSA lady stopped me. She motioned me to go to another line, which lead to the scanner. She's closing the metal detector line. I obliged. Hmmm, interesting... I decided not to make any judgement of the situation, instead telling myself, "let's see what we can learn from this..." I did do a mental check to make sure I haven't change the desire/belief of not wanting to go through the scanner.

Since the scanner was fed by two lines, there were two people in front of me. A guy went through first, then the lady before me went inside. They didn't scan her right away, so she was just standing there waiting. It seemed there were something going on with the guy who just went through that's causing the hold up. I couldn't really see from this side of the scanner. I put my arms on top of the glass partition and leaned to watch my stuff going through the conveyor belt. I wanted to keep an eye on them for I have quite few things spread through several trays. The TSA lady tapped on my arm, I thought she was going to give me a stern warning about not leaning on the glass, instead she motioned me to come back through the metal detector. Wow, how interesting. I have to say I was quite happy seeing finally my wish indeed come true!

But I wasn't sure what to make all of this. I thanked the universe for the support. I wanted to see what I can learn from the incident. One thing I recognized was that you will experience a seemingly ever-greater resistance when you try to learn something. I wanted to believe that if I can let go fear and strengthen my mind, I can make things happen; then just when it seemed this belief was about to be verified, an obstacle appeared screaming at me to let go my belief. But what did I do to let the obstacle come to naught? I wasn't sure.

Through Bashar's 7 steps I think I may have the answer. Let's go through each step and see if I indeed took them in this incident.

The Setup Steps:

1. "THE VISION of what you want. A dream, a wish, a reality of what you prefer."
I clearly had that.
2. "DESIRE / EXCITEMENT the thing that you see that you say you want must be accompanied by strong ENERGY / EMOTION — desire. It energies the vision."
The desire was strong, but I wouldn't say I was emotional about it, not in the common way we refer to emotions.
3. "BELIEVE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE, that you DESERVE what you want. If you don’t believe it is possible, it cannot manifest."
I didn't just believe it's possible, I knew it's possible. I wasn't making giant leaps for I took small steps in learning.
4. "ACCEPTANCE. You must totally accept yourself and the new belief as true. Without a shadow of a doubt."
If I have totally and completely accepted my belief is true, then I wouldn't consider my actions as a test to see if my believe was true, would I? I think I hold a paradox here. I accept my belief yet I also accept that I need more experience to strengthen my acceptance.
The Manifestation Steps:
5. "INTEND with your WILL and FOCUS to manifest it. Not an effort, but a conscious command of your reality."
I'm not sure the difference between intent and effort that Bashar talked about here. To me, I put in the effort of reminding myself what I intended to do and what I wanted the outcome to be. Maybe that is all "intend with your will and focus to manifest it" needs.
6. "BEHAVE AND ACT AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE. You must act and behave as if the reality already exists in the present. You must GROUND the first 5 steps in the actions that you do."
As far as I can tell, the action I need to take in this case is simply not to ask for a pad down, for that's all I need to do for me to act as if what I wish is true.
7. "DETACH and ALLOW. Detach from any expectations of outcome. Use the power of paradox. Absolute intensity of what you want and absolutely NO expectation that it has to manifest at all. That is the balanced state that you have to be in in order for the manifestation to be effortless. You have to let it go. Know that everything is already perfect as it is. When you accept that the way it is is perfect, then the way it is can become more in alignment with how you have set your vibration to be."
I think this is the most important and difficult step that finally nailed it for me in this incidence. When I decided to avoid the scanner without asking for a pad down, I also decided to use this opportunity to learn, therefore I wasn't so attached to the outcome (not going through the scanner) but more interested to see how things going to play out, especially if my wish did come true. When the lady closed the metal detector line and redirected me to the scanner, I did two things right. 1) I did not make a judgement to conclude that it's impossible for me to avoid scanner, i.e., I didn't change the step 3 condition. 2) I did not feel dejected by the prospect that I may need to go through the scanner, thus step 7 remained true to me. I was able to do this -- detached from the outcome -- because I was treating the experience as a lesson. 

I think step 7 is the most difficult step, especially when it come to achieving my larger goals in life. Why? because now I know there is a reason I'm here, I have a purpose in life, how can I become detached from that purpose? Maybe this is where achieving Zen-like mind and meditation comes in, those practices will help us reach acceptance. Even though rationally I accept this paradox, in practice it maybe hard to do, and it may take a few trial and error for me to get it. My determination is strong, I will get it. 

Step 6 is also quite tricky. How to act as if it's already here? It is different for each unique situation. In this case it was simple, in other cases it may require more consideration. But I think letting go fear (and worry) is a common thing we can do. For step 6, letting go fear is the result of acting as if what we want is already here, then we wouldn't be fearful or worrisome about whether it would come true. For step 7, letting go fear signifies the acceptance of what you don't want, for if you can accept what you don't want as a possible outcome, then you won't have any fear.

More to learn...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ac Tah on the Power of Thoughts and Energy

Below is the transcript of the video above (well, the video seems to have been removed). My comments are in []

I'm going to explain to you and to conclude how energies function from our point of view. Imagine all of you want a world of peace, but the two of us, we want a world that's aggressive. So you all think that because you are many, you are going to create this world of peace, but without realizing it, that you are actually supporting our way of thinking, the one that's aggressive.

Why? Very simple, every 25,000 years, in the sun there appears a crown, for us it means the time when we synchronize our bodies. This crown increases the power of our thought. So every time our way of thinking accelerates. People get sicker faster, and those who want to get healthy, they cure themselves faster. So we become very powerful in our mind. In the last few years, we have achieved this power, but we haven't yet arrived at the highest level of this power. This is coming in next year because this energy is increasing. All of us are receptors of this energy. So the more sun energy that come through solar winds. The energy of the earth that is surrounded by the electromagnetic field, the solar winds and the energy from the sun are actually bombarding earth from all sides. Only a few years ago it would only enter the earth from the north and south poles. But that's not the way it is anymore, now it's coming from every parts of the earth. And this has increased the neurological energy of our brain. People are developing more abilities. Now people talk about energy, they can heal with their hands, they heal with quartz, they can heal across distance, they call down the angles. We become very powerful, now we just think, things happen.

[Above confirms with Ra's teaching about the 25k-year cycle: that every 25k years those who are ready can ascend to the next density. Ac Tah tells how part of this process is facilitated on our 3D earth -- very interesting.]

Now in this world that's aggressive, the two of us are going to plan together. And (you realize that) we are going to plan, I'm going to sit down and think how to convert the world into a world of aggression. And we are going start trial and error, so every day we are going to be thinking and thinking how to be aggressive. So we are all an antenna, there are so many of you are thinking about peaceful and two of us are thinking about aggression, and then the energy from the sun arrives at the earth, and it rolls all around and it concentrates itself between two of us. And you say “how come?” “why?” “we are more who want peace.” But it has to do with thinking. Aggressive people think a lot. People who wants peace are not always thinking about peace. The majority of people who think about peace only begin to think more about peace only when they are forced to leave their level of comfort, when they are force to leave, when they lose their work, so definitely this world is just chaos. When their partners leave them, or when they realize that their kids are not what they wanted. This is how the it is successively. That's when they began to think about peace. It's when there begin to be scarcity, that's when they begin to think about peace.

[Our thoughts/minds are powerful -- this is the teaching from many sources. But what he said here seems to contradict what he said in the previous video in the sequence, that we think too much. I guess what he meant was we think a lot, but not about peace, or thinking about peace really means expressing desire for peace.]

However, if two of us continue to think about how to create this world of aggression, even if you want the world of peace, you are contributing to us. How? We are going to imagine that we are divided in three groups. We are the groups of morning, afternoon and evening. Those in the morning want peace. But at some point in the morning they get angry. So they get angry, and this also creates an expansive wave, and it supports two of us. And we become more powerful. So they stop being angry, then we are at the group at the middle of the day, and these still get angry, and they also support us. Then they calm down and stop being angry, then people at night get angry. And this is also helping in increase our power. So you realize that every time you get angry, you are helping us more and more. And so it has to do with the way you think. If you want a world of peace, you have to think about it.

[Ac Tah is saying because majority of those who want peace only think about peace when they are out of their comfort zones, they tend to think about peace in anger and frustration, and this in term is actually contributing energy to those who think aggression. In another word, desiring peace in anger and frustration does not bring more energy to peace.

And this piece of information can also be taken as non-helpful by those who desire peace yet is angry and frustrated.  They would feel they are being accused of doing something wrong when trying to do something right. But this information is not to be taken judgmentally, it's meant to guide us to our goals, to know that the next step in the process is to let go the anger and frustration. I find this information resonate because it reflects my personal experience. I remember when I start to become aware of our true nature and how far we have strayed from it, fear came first, then along came anger. But without the experience of being fearful and angry, I may not have learned the need for the the balanced middle. 

I feel weary of any movement that seem to have the intention of peace but are (sometimes overtly) driven by anger and hatred, such as the Anonymous. I knew good intentions have been used to repeat the history of aggression, now Ac Tah explained how and why. No wonder those who favor aggression always encourages extremism, on even on the opposite side, because extremism at either side promotes aggression. To most powerful weapon we have against aggression is non-aggression (simple yet hard to do ;)]

For example, if you were to stop thinking and say I don't want to do anything. You have to do something. Because you can't just leave this disperse of energy, because then the energy is just going to us two. Because this energy that you are not using, we are going to start using it. So you have to think. And for this reason it is very important to move energy, and it's only going to be just one minute. If each person just thought one minute a day, then the energy wouldn't be concentrate on just two of us, the energy will began to raise, then we will have to begin to enter the game of peace. It doesn't have to do with protesting, it doesn't have to do with self discipline, or doing something extraordinary, or many hours, just one minute. Everybody in the world can do one minute. And there's no way to say no, at minimum is when you going to the bathroom. Whatever you do in the bathroom, you just say “this is for peace”, and you are extending this energy. You just have to be creative, that's it.

[It only needs a minute, is it because there are literally so many of us (peaceful) than them (aggressive), as Ra have explained; or is it because we only need to strengthen a desire, without over-thinking it, i.e. without deciding how peace should come about?]

Friday, 2 May 2014

Life Is a Fantasy?

What if you are an omnipotent being that can do and have anything? What would you fantasize about? Apparently, you would fantasize what it would be like when you don't have all the powers, when you are not omnipotent and omnipresent, when you are separated and alone.

Such is our lives, wise men said. We are that omnipotent being putting its fantasy of separation at work. But how can we truly experience separation when we are omnipotent? We can play pretend, like we build roller coasters to experience the thrill of danger, experiencing not really being in control. According to some, we (it) did that. But playing pretend just isn't thrilling enough, it's not real enough, we know it's just playing pretend. So it devised something even more clever -- something called forgetting. Instead of being omnipresence, it separates itself into individual awareness, and to make the separation look real, it makes each mind forget who they are. As we were born into this world, we entered the world of separation and forgetting.

But there is more to just experience separation and all that comes with it, we made it a challenging game as well. With total forgetfulness, can we find out way back to the source? can we figure out who we are? After all, we are not truly separated. Maybe there are even little hints left in the subconscious mind, the god complex?

As far as I can tell, it's this aspect of the game that got us to create the ego, something that looks like our true selves (the omnipotent being) but is made in separation, something that's unreal. One thing lead to another, instead of pursuing inwardly to find the true self, many are clinging outwardly to the ego. We can make the ego look omnipotent, powerful and connected. But ego can also make us feel weak, powerless, and separated. Fear makes us clinging to the ego without realizing we are already what we want to make our ego to be.

When you know this is true, then you start to recognize all the things ego clings to, and they become a bit comical. Just take this song:

How sad and moving and heart breaking. Aren't we just a bunch of drama queens? We can mope over something so unreal. Yet being omnipotent we cannot truly feel what the song describes, maybe that's what attracted some of us here.

But for most of us, we had enough of this drama, we've experienced enough to know what it's like. It's time to finish the game by solving the puzzle, to figure out what we are and learn how we can build a wonderous world even in the separated state, and then move on to the next level.

Life is a fantasy. But it's fantastic because powers are reduced and hidden from us. The reality is actually the wildest fantasies that we would not dare to imagine. Who could have thought of that? ;-)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Passages and Mantra for Meditation -- Updated

1. The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

"Dear Lord, make me the instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy."

"O Divine Maters, grant me that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love.  
For that it's in giving that we receive
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.
SourceConquest of Mind

2. The Earth Prayer

"Mother life support system...
as a soldier...I must drink your blue water..
live inside your red clay and eat your green skin.
I boots will always kiss your face
and my footsteps match your heartbeat...

carry my body through space and time.
you are my connection to the universe...and all that comes after.
I am yours and you are mine
I salute you
Source: "The First Earth Battalion Operation Manual" by Jim Channon.

3. Four Bodhisattva vows


Sentient beings are innumerable, we vow to liberate them.
Worrying thoughts are inexhaustible, we vow to end them.
Higher teachings are immeasurable, we vow to learn them.
Path to enlightenment has no end, we vow to reach it.

4. The Lord's prayer

"Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespassed against us;
and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever,

5. Prayer to Our Earthly Mother

"Our mother, which art upon Earth,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done in us as it is in thee.
As thou send to us everyday thy angles send them to us also,
Forgive all our sins as we atone all our sins against thee,
and lead us not into sickness but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the earth, the body, and the health,

Source: The Essence Gospel of Peace, Book One. (

6. Opening of Buddha's Twin Verses.  Taken from Dhammapada

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought: we are formed and molded by our thoughts.  Those whose minds are shaped by selfish thoughts cause misery when they speak or act.  Sorrow roll over them like the wheels of a cart follow the hooves of the bullock that draws it.  

All that we are is the result of what we have thought: we are formed and molded by our thoughts.  Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act.  Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. "

SourceConquest of Mind

7. Protection prayer
"Mighty God surrounds me, love of God enfolds me, power of Gold protects me, presence of God watches over me. Where ever I am, God is, and always will be."

8. "God, give ___ my/his/her own unconditional love"

9. Hoʻoponopono
"I'm sorry, I love you, forgive me, thank you"

Source: Joe Eigo's video

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Transcript of Part 2 of the Interview with Ac Tah by Juicy Living Tour

The video can be found here. It's titled "Mayan & ETs, Light Beings, 3rd eye"
(Only the English translation is transcribed here. Anything highlighted is by me. I'd like to see a Spanish transcription as well, for I know he said more in Spanish for many answers, though it may not be more in content.)

Q: I really want to take it a little further if I can, cause it's really profound. ...
I just want to remind everybody who hasn't see the first part of the video, Ac Tah is of Mayan descent...Thank you for supporting the tour, and for this co-creation
I want to ask you Ac Tah about extraterrestrial beings, is there such thing for Mayans? What's your relationship with other life on other planet for Mayans?
A: Well, first we have to understand what we mean by extraterrestrial because that can change our perception of these beings. So there's field of energy, electromagnetic, everything is related to frequency. Our vibration is very short, we have another frequency which is very dense. In this universe there are different kinds of beings who has other thoughts, and other frequency of thoughts. And so that way we can have relationship with civilizations that are more advanced. So when I was young with my grandfather, he would teach us how to have connections with these beings. So it's not so much as seeing the beings, but perceiving them. And I was taught by my grandfather how to do this. So when I grew up, I was aware that it was normal to do this, because when I was younger, I did it all the time. It was normal for me.  This is what created by my culture, with different contact with different beings we can create changes in different civilizations.  My grandfather just used to say we can react with only what's in our heart.  It's more of a contact of interchanging information, not like the invasion of another galaxy, or like these things.  This has always been part of my culture.

Q: Is there different groups of those beings, is there different teachings, is there different knowledge they are teaching, different technologies, different roles they play?
A: Well, our body is very powerful, but also limited in our perception.  The universe is not like how we perceive it in this planet. Because our perception is very short, we try to humanize everything we see.  When we think of a being of light, we think in terms of a human surrounded by light. The body can have many many forms.

Q: Can you tell us more?
A: I will tell you an experience I lived when I was younger. We were in the wild with my grandfather, and my grandfather called a being of light. I grew up with it, and it was normal for me, and I saw this shining light that was coming, it was shining like a small star there. The interaction we have with this being of light is the level of vibrations. My grandfather told me "I want you to observe the light and thinking different shapes". When I was seeing the light and and I thought different shape, the light would take that shape. I was materializing that energy. When we see something, we create/give a shape to it.  Those spheres/orbs that you see when we take pictures, we watch them we want to find a shape inside them.  The essence of these beings is free, it can take the shape of anything you want. Instead of giving it a shape, we let the brightness penetrate our body, and this would give us another understanding. These lights have a very ancient wisdom and knowledge. Because of the magnetic field of the earth is opening, many of these energies have penetrated the earth.  If we realize we have been seeing a lot of channelizing on the planet, like I said when we channelizing, then we give it like a human, a human understanding to it. we give it a human form.

Q: So you are saying we can integrate to be, we can be like these light beings? we can act like them, be them and act like them, speak their knowledge, you know?
A: hmmmm.... (pause) I want to give you an example. Imagine parts of the cells of your body are sick, and mine are perfect. I'm only touching with my hand these sick cells, just a interchange of energy. You don't need to speak the language of the light, because they can speak your language. When you let this light coming into your body, your brain has the perception of interpreting it.

Q: But it's all through vibrations, right? then it's through our own interpretations?
A: Yes, but it's very important that this information is interpreted by the heart.  But if your heart is divided by good and evil, then the interpretations is going to be wrong. I grew up with only thought of good, excellent, better, much better, magnificent. There is no thoughts of fear and guilt in my culture. So the people who have contact with these energies, it is very important for them to be happy, they have joyful thought and joy in their lives. The feelings of guilt and fear, that's very very human.  First we have to be in contact with ourselves, then we can be in contact with these energies.  Any person can achieve this, it doesn't mean there are special people. Any people can do this.

Q: Do you also teach about the third eye? I see you have an eye here, is it all related? what is that eye?
A: For us everything is math, and energy, and everything has to do with thought.

Q: And you said that's exactly what this medallion is about?
A: So this is connected to the left, right side of the brain and the third eye, this created a higher amplitude of connection. This can allow you to see beyond the 3D perception, you can see a higher level of consciousness. It allows you to see the things that are wrong, so you can do the right things. If you have this connection, you have to live in harmony, there is no other way of living. So I'm teaching certain movements that allow you to be connect with this type of energy. So some people say it's the eye that watches everything, but this is more of the connection of the brain with the 3rd eye that allows you to be everything. Because the sun and the energy that is arriving to us, we are acquiring a lot of power, it is easy to do this.

Q: For you. For you it's easier. For us human being it may be a little bit harder. We would like tips on how to do that.
A: The only thing you have to do is to generate a lot of energy in your body. So the way to do it is to be very joyful, to be happy, to be present. that's it.

Q: Is there an intention, is there a process, because a lot of teachers try to explain it, make it much more complicated... can we access this much easier these days? is there something else to give us other than raising the energy?
A: The hardest thing about my culture is that it's very very simple. For us everything is practical, if I can do it, you can do it; if you can do it, I can do it. That's why we have the saying: to be part of everything, you have to be very simple. The humans try to find complication in everything, but the essence of life is very very simple. Humans have created a lot of disciplines, but in my culture, we have created the thing of being creative, of being free. So you can see in every different periods of times of our ancestors different manifestations of this creativity, because it's free, so everybody can do it. So in essence, the simplest way.

Our physical body is the result of our spiritual body. Many people think that everything starts in the physical body. The simplest way to generate this power is to talk with your spirit. Ask something to your spirit, and let your spirit give it to you. He is much more powerful than what you can reason with logic. So there are some people do it once and they don't wait for the result, then they say it doesn't work.  First you need a large amount of energy to be in contact with your spiritual body.  So if you are mad or sad or have another level of energy, you physical body and your spirit are much separated. So what connects with your spiritual body is joy. So this joy gives a lost of strength to your spiritual body, so when you ask something of your spiritual body, then the spiritual body gives it to you.

Q: all the way to astral projections, going into time and space?
A: Yes, we are not aware of this knowledge, but everybody does it when they go to sleep. It's our natural state.

Q: The Aztec speak a lot of lucid dreaming.  What is the Mayan's teaching on lucid dreaming?
A: Hmmm.... When we go to sleep, we connect ourselves to our present moment. So the physical body that we are living right now at this moment belongs to the past. The cells that compose of our spiritual body move to another frequency very fast. Our spiritual body lives one or two or three days in advance to us. So what our spirit thought is what we are living now. Our lucid dreams are when we are aware of that other reality. That's when we activate all our power, so we can program the things we want to happen so when we wake up, then they happen. The amazing thing is also we can do it when we are awake. We only have to be in contact with our spiritual body.
There's probably two moments in the day we can be in contact with our spiritual body, so when this body of every high speed can coincide with our physical body. So maybe it going to sound a little bit funny what moment it is . One of this moment is when you finish eating every abundantly, when your body began to feel a little bit asleep. In that moment you can ask your spiritual body what do you want, then you can see it manifested. Another moment is when you are falling sleep at night. This is another moment when you are laying down and you feel that you are falling. This is a very short short moment. And in these 3 cases, you have like 30 seconds to ask your spiritual body what you want. It's not complicated or require any discipline, you only have to do it.

Q: But how do you snap in consciously in that moment? they are kind strange moment...
A: If you do it everyday, you get used to it. When you do the first two examples, after eating and when you go to sleep, you are pretty aware at those moments.

Q: What do you say is our soul here to accomplish?
A: Hmmm... the soul/spirit wants a lots of energy, to generate these energy you have to be very very happy. To be very happy you have to do something that is very fulfilling and joyful to you. Most people don't do what they like, they need to work for a ranch, pay the bills, water, electric, different things. They don't do what they want. So these times are very important, because we can do what we want, we can generate these change, so then our spirit grows.

Q: Do you think our soul came here right now at this time to let go of past all the past lives and past Karma, and there is a very important reason our souls choose to be here at this moment? do you think we are here for a reason? that we are kinda being elected to be here for a reason.
A: Yes, it is true lots of souls have been coming down at this moment to be liberated, and how it can be liberated. It's very easy to be liberated from the Karma of the past lives when we see the unity in our body in unity. We are god and one part of god at the same time. If we are god and part of god at the same time, liberating ourselves is very simple. You only have to do two things: one is to think that your spirit is already free, the 2nd one is being joyful.

A: Do you think ... how is psychedelics in Mayan culture. A lots of people talk about taking achieve unity. Is it something important to the Mayan culture to know what unity is?

[Better get your answer in part 3: :)]