Sunday, 27 September 2015

Are We Ready?

It's been a while since I've gained the scientific understanding on why the speed of light does not limit how fast we can travel, how we have misunderstood gravity, why the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating, and how the particle and wave property of matter are integrated with each other. But how come I have not able to let others to understand what I can? I assume it's because I have not understood it clearly enough to explain it others. But as But as my understandings grow deeper, I also wonder, "maybe we are just not ready?"

Just look at the last great leap in human's understanding of the physical world, Einstein's theory of relativity -- what concrete application did it bring to us? It brought us a limitation: the idea that nothing travels faster than the speed of light - making other intelligence unreachable to us; and it brought out the nuclear age, the world got to witness the terror of nuclear weapons. Knowledge is power, with great power comes great responsibility -- so if we have not learned to act responsibly, we will be deprived of the knowledge?

If it's understood that Earth is not only easily reachable by other interstellar beings, that they've been with us throughout our history, will it really cause mass hysteria and panic? If anti-gravity technology is easily achieved, will we just use it to create more deadly and efficient weapons of mass destruction? 

As far as myself is concerned, do the answers to these questions really matter? If I'm here to gain knowledge for myself and the world, should I do what Krishna told Arjuna, carry out my duties without attachment to the outcome? 

Any ways, I feel the knowledge I have will be ready for the world when the world is ready to receive it. Otherwise it will just be limited to a small group of people who are ready. 

Are you ready? Is the world ready? How long will it take to be ready?

When the world is ready, the transformation will be fast.

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