Friday, 20 August 2021

The Emperor

 May we present the Archetype of the Experience of the Mind: the Emperor.

Currently, we are given a great opportunity to manifest this Archetype, through the collective catalyst that is the Covid pandemic (regardless if you believe the pandemic is real or not). You may think for all the spiritually awaken people, such as people in the Law of One community, there would be a general consensus on how to process this catalyst. However, from my observations, this is so far from the fact. From the people in my real-life and online circles, I have observed the following variety of reactions:

1. Covid is a hoax, it's just a bad flu: not going to change my behavior.

2. Covid is a catalyst, but I'm safe from it: no vaccine or mask for me. 

    2.1. Vaccine is harmful and dangerous, a tool for the negative to control.

    2.2  Any mandate on mask, vaccine, or social distancing is a free will infringement, therefore I will not use mask, or take vaccine, or social distance for principal. 

3. Covid is dangerous, but I don't trust or want vaccines. Everyone need boost their health and protest themselves, including through social distance and mask. 

4. Covid is dangerous, everyone need to get vaccine if they can so we can be free of social distancing and masking measures. 

What's more concerning is that people holding these different views all express anger and frustration at those who have an different view. Those who don't agree or act differently are either sheep/slaves, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorist, STSs, selfish, ignorant... basically stumbling blocks for the collective spiritual evolution.

Depicted as a male figure, the Experience of the Mind is an archetype that we consciously manifest. What is the Experience of the Mind of those with these feeling of anger and frustration? Is this the right-hand path depicted with the hand holding the orb? The mind recognizing itself as the Magician who has the ability to transform? Or the left-hand path signified with the foot, garment, and the hand, pointed and stretched, guarding and keeping itself at a distance from the other selves? 

May I offer another view of the pandemic. Its existence indicates a collective catalyst that we all need, recognized or not. I do feel a majority of people in the Law of One community are pretty safe from it. By that I mean we would not experience something serve enough to cause the end of our incarnational experience: death. The logic part of assumption is from the "great cat"(Ra95.23) that guards depicted in the box upon which the Emperor sits. The box signifies our 3d illusion, and my interpretation is that the "great cat" guards the positive from "the gusts, flurries, and blizzards of quick and cruel catalyst."(Ra95.24) This doesn't mean those along the positive path are protected the same way. There will be variations in our experiences. As Ra said, "the great cat guards in direct proportion to the purity of the manifestations of intention and the purity of inner work done along this path."(Ra95.18) So we will experience different degree of protection. Some may get Covid but recover, some have more severe symptoms than others, some may not get it at all.

Now, what about those who have not polarized positively sufficiently? We probably all agree that's the majority of people here on Earth today. How can they be protected? Masks, vaccines, and social distancing, these are the measures that can offer protection in the material illusion. Yes, the negative could and would use policies with regard to these measures to control. But if we come from the place of Love, do we ignore their suffering because it's the result of their own shortcomings, do we let them be what they need to be? Or do we do something that may be unnecessary for us but would help the less fortunate? This is the Choice, there is no right or wrong answer, but the choice we are here to make in 3rd density. If your choice is not aligned with the choice your Higher Self would make, it will be made known to you somehow.

What is the left-hand path signified in the Emperor with the out stretched arm, leg, and garment? I think humanity has been far too familiar with this path, which is the struggle against something. May it be anti-fa, anti-vaxx, anti-abortion, war on drugs... Let's look at the example of Ten Commandments discussed by Ra. Ra said the commandments "copy or ape positivity while retaining negative characteristics."(Ra16.15) Ra later confirmed the negative characteristics was exhibited in the "Thou shalt not"(Ra16.20) commands. To me, this is a good example to see that the positive path is not about against something that seen as negative, but about operating in a totally different way that's rooted in the positive perspective. Something we've probably not been taught before. 

Now let's look deeper. What are the positivity Ra mentioned in the commandments? I see "not kill" for one. We know that the thou-shalt-not's were for "conquest and enslavement"(Ra16.17), does it mean that we should be against "not killing" and kill as we please? Consider another example. Spiritual information transmitted ages ago have long been distorted through negative influences, especially in many organized religions. Religions have been used to manipulate, control and commit atrocities throughout history. Does it mean we should abandon all the spiritual teaching that's been used negatively? Ra said old and new testaments had the equal amount of Law of One information even though the old testament was more negatively influenced (Ra26.7)

With an open heart and operate without fear: not fearing Covid, not fearing the vaccine, not the masks, not any mandate, not any attempt to manipulate or control. Do what you consider best to express love on your own accord, not doing it to show that you are "against" something. I think this is what Ra meant with the allegory of the poker game: the positive path is not follow the rule of the game, but to show your hands and say "I love you" to all (Ra50.7).

Q'uo have called vaccine a "healing modality"(2011/03/05). Masks and social distancing have been shown to be effective protection at least for some by science. If you have the trust and view this material illusion from the highest perspective, then you know everything is well and as it needs to be. Then you may see everything is there for a reason. You may not need these protection in the material world, but others do. What do you do then? Force them into the path that they are not well equipped to handle? 

Knowing all is well and allowing can reduce the anger and frustrations of the negativity we see. Here's my choice:

5. I don't fear Covid nor think it will harm me. But being inflected by Covid will cause great suffering and stress to my loved ones. I know getting the vaccine will provide a sense of safety to them. I let the universe direct me, I do not go seek out vaccines, but accept when offered. I got vaccinated when it's offered to me. I know the great white cat protects me from both Covid and any negative manipulation of the vaccines. I follow preventive pandemic measures with flexibility, not with fear but with desire to protect others. I do not let fear override love: if someone are in distress, I would be happy to give them hugs and console without fear even if it violates any mandate in place. 

Basically, operate from love and an open heart instead of fear. It's not about the action. Q'uo spoke at length about "being" and "doing", with "being" as "all that there is" (1991/02/22,1987/08/16). When you try to get someone to see your point of view, you could see that someone as egotistic, stupid, controlling, etc, etc, or you could see someone whose perspective is different because they had not the resources, environment, "the advantages that you had" (The Great Gatsby). These different being-ness while doing the same actions will generated different effect (maybe unseen effect). The difference in the being-ness can sometimes be subtle, and requires inner works to recognize. 

Now you ask, but what about these attempts to manipulate, control, and violate free will that I can see? Do I just not do anything about it? If I don't protest against it, how can it change? Good question. The answer is probably different for everyone. Spiritual teachings tell us that changes come from within and will be reflected in the outward manifestation. Gaze at the Emperor, his work (for the STO path) is learn to better use the orb. To be free of control and manipulation is not to do exactly the opposite what the controlling power direct you to do. Your action is still the result of their manipulation -- this is a trap of their clever control tactics, and it has been repeated through out history. To make a long lasting change, do what Love direct you to do. Do not what your judgement tell you to do. This can feel a bit scary. Consider the question Jesus asks in A Course in Miracles: "do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?" If you think choosing "happy" is easy, consider this hypothetical scenario that can make someone change their answers: travel without the fear of a contagious disease would make me happy. I want that. Getting the vaccine would give me that. But negative entities also force a vaccine mandate on everyone, violating people's free will. Thus I think getting the vaccine means submission to the negative force, thus not a right thing to do. So I cannot choose happy, I need to do the right thing...(then I may start to argue: that's not true, vaccine cannot be good and make me happy, it's probably a negative plot as well... so I am not choosing being right over happy. I'm choosing being right and happy...)

Choose only Love. Be the magician, the Creator. Be the Emperor who learn to master that orb in your hand, and let the magic of transformation happen.

Even as I write this, I also have a small lingering doubt in the back of my head. Does it really work like that? Maybe I'm not advanced enough for it to works me. I decided just to go with it as an experiment that is life. Start with small steps, do what you can. Don't be hard on yourself. Let go that fear. 

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